About Me

Hi everybody! I'm Keith Schwarz, a senior lecturer in Stanford's CS department. I have the best job in the world: I meet all sorts of incredibly interesting and accomplished people, get to share something I genuinely love with a bunch of people, and have an opportunity to increase diversity in tech and get as many people excited about the field as possible.

For the past few summers I've been running Girl Code @Stanford, a summer program for local high school students. We bring in bright rising seniors for a whirlwind intro to computer science. It's been a great experience and I'm constantly dazzled by how creative the kids are!

Outside of teaching, I love traveling, day hikes, riding my bike, listening to Supreme Court oral arguments, making dinner for a crowd, and listening to podcasts. I also often go down the Wikipedia rabbit hole and have discovered gems like nixtamalization that deserve to be better-known.

Despite the fact that I have two degrees in computer science, I'm not the best web designer. Style advice appreciated. :-)