Job Firings

If clergymen can be defrocked and lawyers can be disbarred, what else can happen?


Baseball players   be   debased?
Shippers   be   deported?
Models   be   deposed?
Religions   be   dissected?
Librarians   be   disquieted?
Fireplaces   be   dismantled?
Winter athletes   be   deluged?
Terse people   be   debriefed?
Exterminators   be   debugged?
Rappers   be   defunct?
Organ donors   be   delivered?
Heroes   be   defeated?
The Matrix   be   deconstructed?
Stenographers   be   described?
Rockers   be   disbanded?
C0mput3r y00z3|z   be   deleted?
Musicians   be   decomposed?
Revolutionaries   be   deliberated?
Farmers   be   distilled?
Grapes   be   divined?
Fishers   be   debated?
Mourners   be   decried?
Miners   be   declaimed?
Superstars   be   defamed?
Runners   be   discoursed?
Hurricanes   be   disgusted?
Lovers   be   disengaged?
Investors   be   distrusted?
Bureaucrats   be   deformed?
Shamans   be   demystified?
Amulets   be   dependant?
Horsemen   be   derided?
Monkeys   be   detailed?
Artists   be   discolored?
English majors   be   dispelled?
Skaters   be   disfigured?
Hair   be   distressed?
Havens   be   disenchanted?
Poker players   be   discarded?
Original thinkers   be   deposited?
Schemes   be   deployed?
Tuxedos   be   devested?
Carpenters   be   devised?
Incumbents   be   devoted?
Woodsmen   be   dislodged?
Cartographers   be   dislocated?
Subordinates   be   disordered?
Tailors   be   dissuaded?
Craftsmen   be   disabled?
Amputees   be   disarmed?
Spies   be   disguised?
Profaners   be   discussed?
Hills   be   disinclined?
Big hills   be   dismounted?
Moneychangers   be   dissented?
Shoppers   be   dispersed?
Patients   be   distracted?
Focus groups   be   disinterested?
Committees   be   dismembered?
Psychotics   be   disillusioned?
Courtiers   be   disgraced?
Kings   be   discrowned?
Noblemen   be   discounted?
Programmers   be   disarrayed?
Clowns   be   discontented?
Orchestras   be   disconcerted?
Florists   be   deflowered?
Survivalists   be   defended?
Matrices   be   degaussed?
Unreal addicts   be   defragmented?
Woodworkers   be   deplaned?
Darwinists   be   denatured?
Students   be   declassified?
Department chairs   be   deceited?