CS166 Archive

This page contains archived versions of the Stanford CS166 (Data Structures) webpage in the quarters I've taught it. All internal links should be valid, though external links may no longer be functional.

2015-2016 Academic Year
Spring 2016

This second iteration of CS166 was a lot of fun! I'd learned a lot about data structures since the last time I taught this course, so there were a few new topics (namely, the analysis of 5-independence in linear probing) and the problem sets were more interesting and more polished than in the first iteration. The final projects this time around continued to shine. Many are publishable, and some of the explanations we saw were so good that I'm encouraging students to post their findings online somewhere.

I moved a few of the topics around this time, putting string data structures closer to the beginning where they tie in nicely with RMQ structures and deferring balanced trees until later. I rebuilt my lecture on Aho-Corasick from scratch and it turned out a lot better than before and combined the lectures on dynamic graphs and Euler tour trees into a single survey lecture on dynamic graph algorithms. I also cleaned up the presentation of disjoint-set forests, the split and join operations on trees, and splay trees (and I'm particularly proud of that last one). Next time around, I'll see if I can work in some other topics from the final presentations.

2013-2014 Academic Year
Spring 2014

This was my first time teaching CS166 and it was a wonderful experience. The students, the staff, and I all learned a lot and the final project presentations were just wonderful. I'm looking forward to teaching this class again in the future!