Errata to Course Reader

This page contains a list of errata for the CS106L Course Reader, along with the brave and perceptive souls who reported them. Be sure to check this page periodically so that you're on top of any recent fixes.

Page(s) Correction Date Reported By
106 The DFA for processing email addresses should have an arrow labeled "start" pointing to state q0. 9/20/09  
231 - 236 All references to lookupTable should be replaced by references to forest since the former isn't a data member of UnionFind. 10/1/09  
342 The type of scalarT should be DimensionType<0, 0, 0>, not DimesnionType<0, 0, 0>. 10/1/09  
403 Section 15.3.6 of the C++ ISO standard says that a catch(...) clause can only appear at the very end of a catch cascade. This means that the first practice problem is meaningless. Sorry about that! 9/20/09  
417 - 427 The variable nextRow in the inner for loop of GaussJordanEliminate is never declared. It should be declared in the first part of the for loop. 10/1/09  
476 The code inside clone that is currently written as new ArbitraryFunction should be new SpecificFunction. 11/8/09  
488 Modern C++ Design's chapter on smart pointers is chapter 7, not chapter 1. 9/20/09