CS106B Archive

This page contains links to archived versions of the Stanford CS106B (Programming Methodology) webpage in the quarters I've taught it.

2012-2013 Academic Year
Spring 2013

My second offering of CS106B was 50% larger than the previous years' offering, but it was a blast! I refined the syllabus to slim down the breadth of material while increasing the depth, and overall students did quite well. This quarter also saw the introduction of a new first assignment (a modified "Welcome to C++" that included Flesch-Kincaid readability) and new final assignment (Trailblazer).

2011-2012 Academic Year
Spring 2012

This was my first run teaching CS106B and it was a lot of fun. Although I had given a few CS106B lectures before as an undergrad, I had never actually taught the entire course. It was exciting getting to develop different algorithmic approaches and data structures in lecture, and I'm looking forward to the next iteration of the course.